Vijeo Citect is designed for control engineers, product managers and industrial automated system integrators seeking simple configuration and high performance. It provides multi-CPU support, a multi-project Find/Replace tool and integrated XML Web service. Vijeo Citect uses the power of multi-CPU machines to offer outstanding performance. The possibility of grouping servers from version Vijeo Citect 7.0 enables easy adaptation of SCADA architecture to that of the application for optimum performance. Highly-developed “Find/Replace” functions enable searches in project graphic pages. The “Find” function can browse the entire project structure, offering the user a unique search engine simplifying configuration. Industry accepts use of XML Web services as interface between different applications, and Vijeo Citect integrates a read-only Web interface. This enables access to all data, alarms and trends, and simplifies integration of Vijeo Citect in information systems.

Single data entry:

Application development time is signifi cantly reduced thanks to SpeedLink software, which enables automatic creation of variables, alarms and histories from Unity Pro applications.
In addition, Citect is compatible with Unity v2.3 Application Generator.

Added security:

Confi guration security of Vijeo Citect enables application of read-only parameters to all or certain projects within a system. The read-only parameters are based on Windows user or user group privileges to centralise access rights management. Integrators or system producers can therefore lock all or certain of their projects.


Vijeo Citect supports full hot standby configuration. By nominating primary and standby PLCs, Vijeo Citect automatically connects to the active device in case failure. Due to its built-in redundancy, Viject Citect provides switches with no loss of functionality, or performance.

Advanced help:

Vijeo Citect online help includes easy access to information and its use of “breadcrumb trails” simplifies navigation. Vijeo Historian is a powerful factory-level reporting tool which collects, memorizes and produces reports from different systems. Based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005, it is a true link between production and the information system. Vijeo Historian offers production managers and operators clear and relevant reports to assist decision making. Data is directly accessible via optimization and management software such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Reporting Services. Based on recognized standards, Vijeo Historian is easy to maintain.

Vijeo Historian services:

·        Display of data from several SCADAs
·        Data analysis with Microsoft Excel
·        SCADA data transfer to SQL Server 2005 database
·        Report creation from standard industry tools

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