CX-Programmer File Conversion Utility

This is a generic file conversion utility that is able to convert files between the CX-Programmer project file format and files of other packages. It is a separate application from the main CX-Programmer interface.
Note:  At the time of writing, converters are supplied to convert from files produced by the following OMRON packages: CVSS, CPT, LSS, SSS, SYSWIN. Currently, converters are not supplied for converting a CX-Programmer project for another package.

The file converter operates on (and produces) files of the .CXT format - the text-based format of a CX-Programmer project file.

Select the File Conversion Utility from the Windows Start / Programs / OMRON / CX-Programmer folder.

To convert another package's file to a CX-Programmer project, select Import from the File menu. A dialog opens allowing a different package's file to be selected. The File Type box at the bottom of the dialog allows a choice of file type. Select Open to start the conversion.

After the import conversion is complete, a .CXT file (with the same name) will have been created in the selected directory. The original file is left unaltered.
Note:  The CXT file is a text-based CX-Programmer project file. To convert it to the compressed format, it may be loaded into CX-Programmer and then saved as a CXP type file. 

To convert a CX-Programmer project for use in another application, first ensure that the project has been saved from CX-Programmer in the text based format (CXT). Then select Export from the File menu. A dialog opens allowing the source file name and type to be chosen. Select OK to start the conversion.

For export conversions, one or more files of the chosen type are created in the selected directory. The original .CXT file is left unaltered.
Some converters may have options, in which case they are accessible under the Options menu. Only converters with options are listed.
Hint: It is possible to list the converters that are installed, and their version, using the Help/About menu option. The converters are shown in the about box. To show details of a particular converter, select the relevant converter in the list and press Info.

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