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Friends we always come across various temperature sensors like RTD, Thermocouple, Thermistor, temperature sensing IC’s while doing automation of process plants. It’s very essential to know about advantages & disadvantages of the entire sensors so that we can select them with ease.
So let’s start with Thermocouple.



 Advantages of Thermocouple:

  •   Self Powered
  •   Simple
  •   Rugged
  •   Inexpensive
  •   Wide Variety
  •   Wide Temp Range

Disadvantages of Thermocouple:

  •   Non Linear
  •   Reference Required
  •   Low Voltage
  •   Least Stable 
  •   Least Sensitive



Advantages of RTD:

  •   Most Stable
  •   Most Accurate
  •   More Linear than Thermocouple

Disadvantages of RTD:

  •   Expensive
  •   Current Source Required
  •   Small  ∆R
  •   Low absolute Resistance
  •   Self heating


Advantages of Thermistor:
  •   High Output
  •   Fast
  •   Two wire ohms measurement.

Disadvantages of Thermistor:

  •   Non Linear
  •   Limited Temperature Range.
  •   Fragile
  •   Current Source required.
  •   Self heating

IC Sensors:

Advantages of IC Sensor:

  •   Highest Output.
  •   Inexpensive.
  •   Most linear.

Disadvantages of IC Sensor:

  •   T< 200C.
  •   Power supply required.
  •   Slow.
  •   Limited Configuration.
  •   Self heating

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