Basic PLC Ladder Programming Training Example 11: START/STOP MOTOR CONTROL PLC Ladder Program  

 Basic PLC Ladder Programming Training Examples for Beginners. Hi Friends here we are starting a series of Free Training on PLC Ladder Programming. These PLC Ladder Programs are important to get basics of Ladder Programs

PLC Ladder Practice Problem:

Design and connect a ladder logic control for a simple starter system of a 3 phase AC motor. The starter has one start and one stop switch. Both of the switches are momentary contact switch. Start switch is normally open and stop switch is normally close. Output relay, C1, Controls the 3-phase supply to the motor. The motor has a stop and a run indicator lights. 

Direct on Line Motor Start Stop using PLC


 1.  PLC with Input and Output Modules
4.  3 Phase AC Motor, Momentary contact switches
5.  Electromagnetic contactors or solid state relays
6.  230V, 15A rated wires  

Topics Covered in this example is START/STOP MOTOR DOL CONTROL PLC Program  

Number of PLC Inputs Required 

X1- Start Switch (NO)
X2- Stop Switch (NC)

Number of PLC Outputs Required 

Y0- Motor Relay
Y1- Motor Run Light
Y2- Motor Stop Light

PLC Ladder Programming: 

PLC Ladder Program for DOL Motor Starter

PLC Ladder Programming Description: 

When Start Push button Pressed Motor Relay M1 will on and Latched similarly RUN light will be on. When Stop Button Pressed Latch gets open and Motor Relay gets OFF Hence Motor.

Note: Example is only for training purposes. No Practical implementation is done.

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