List of Top Most Widely used PLC’s in the Industry.

Hi Friends, We are using large number of brands and models of PLC’s.  So here I decided to share List of Top Most Widely used PLC’s in the Industry .it’s better we know the different Brands of PLC’s used in the industry all over the world. So which one below you think is best, or you use or is cheaper?

  •   ABB

  •    Siemens

  •   Rockwell Automation(Allen Bradley)

  •   Mitsubishi

  •   Delta PLC

  •   Panasonic

  •   Schneider Electric

  •   B&R Automation

  •   Bosch(Rexroth)

  •   Hitachi

  •   Keyence

  •   Fuji Electric

  •   GE-Fanuc

  •   Honeywell

  •   Keyence

  •   LG

  •   L & T

  •   Omron

  •   Beckhoff

  •   Unitronics

  •   WAGO

  •   Crouzet

  •   Fatek Automation

  •   Toshiba

  •   Yokogawa

  •   Messung

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If you have any suggestions on the subject post them below. What brand of PLC do you used to prefer? Is it the one that you are the most experienced with or is used the most where you work? What software do you like the most or least? Hardware? How much of a part does price play in your selection process? So friend’s please comment on which PLC you most like? And on which PLC’s you have worked. If you Like my post please Share it. Thanks.

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